Baby with meningitis has her fourth limb amputated

A baby with the 'worst case of meningitis doctors have seen in 25 years' has had her fourth limb amputated.

Terri Mitchell, the aunt of Kia Gott, 11 months, from Wyke, West Yorkshire, wrote on Facebook this week: 'Kia has had her 4th amputation and is still fighting she's a little sleepy after all her ops.'

Kia's family have also been warned the youngster may lose her sight and hearing, as well as suffering 90 per cent brain damage.

The youngster first became ill two months ago when she developed a rash across her face and body, before being rushed to hospital with a collapsed lung.

Her father Paul Gott, 35, a self-employed window fitter, blames the NHS for Kia's life-threatening condition after it raised the age of meningitis vaccination to 12 months last year. He is campaigning to reverse this rule.

Although still in hospital, Kia is off a ventilator and breathing independently.

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